Sunday, June 27, 2010

Soft Plastic VS Hard Bodied Lure

This morning me and Apy returned to our usual spot
but this time i'am strictly on soft plastic, no hard
bodied lure! :)

When we reached the spot, the tide was so damn nice
for us to start our hunting. Without wasting time, i
rigged up my Keitech 'Swing Impact' which i bought
last week and start casting, while Apy was already
bz casting his Aile Magnet...

On my third cast after the first twitch, i had a strong
sharp take, i paused for 2secs and immediately set
the hook. Fish is on! I'am so happy regardless what
fish it is. As it comes closer, i was even happier to
see that it was a good sized flathead!

No choice Apy got to stop casting and help me
with the photo..hehe.. Apy was like,"how come
so fast you landed oredi, are you cheating?"
hehehe.. I just smiled... :)

Here's the pics
Flattie on Keitech Swing Impact 3.8 inch

After photo and released my dear flattie, 5mins later
i landed an even nicer kim on the same weapon!!!

Apy 'kan chiong' oredi after my second fish and
he started to casts at all directions! hehe.. Maybe
today the fishes here just prefer soft plastics...
Work hard next time bro! :)

Here's the pics

My mission accomplished


  1. Soft plastics can be very productive and deadly if you know how and when to use it.

  2. any advise on how you worked the keitech swing impact?

  3. There's are few methods to work the keitech swing impact. Drop it all the way to the bottom and retrieve it back very slowly, depending on your targeted species too.. For me, i'll bounce it occasionally using the 'semi slack line' method..

  4. bro nie kt ne ah?? i always try luring at yishun dam caught onii small kim and mangrove jack??