Monday, January 7, 2013

I'am back in action with a more deadlier weapon. Mantaray 12 Angler

It's been awhile since i last posted anything in my blog but i'am back
now with a new deadly weapon thats gonna help me with my mission..

A KAYAK!!?? Yeah that's right!
It's a Mantaray 12 Angler frm Native Watercraft..

Bottom fishing-Jigging-luring-Trolling-Eging it's all gonna
happen with my mantaray..

She's resting at the warehouse for a bit upon reaching 
for rudder and anchor trolley installation before i can 
bring her back with me.... 

This is the humble guy Alton Teng who brought in
the Native Watercraft Yaks and Boards and other
kayaking accessories..

Finally it's time to bring her back!
Alton shows how the yak should be tied properly to
the car rack...


Now it's my turn to do it for my first virgin launch
@P.ris .... Just a short hours tryout cum fishing with
just a packet of sandworms helps to kill the itch.. :)

Life vest on... Ready to go!

Super comfortable DVC seat....

A kayak with a great speed and stability....

Testing on the rudder control....

Now it's time to fish for a bit and try to catch my
first fish on my mantaray in 2013 on the very first day of

Yeah baby yeah!! 
Still got the touch in baiting, although i've been in
lure fishing for the longest time. A good size parrotfish
about a kilo and 11 pieces of grunter with just a packet
of sandworms within 2hours plus of fishing, not bad at all!
However none of the grunter was photoed.

Might be doing some luring from the yak very soon...
Stay tune for more actions... 
Wishing everyone a happy new year and tight lines! 
Cheers! :)