Friday, April 22, 2011

Hunting my usual fish..

This morning, 3 of us went to catch the outgoing
tide for some barra action at spot 'A', unfortunately
we got ourself zero hit there, maybe due to the
freezing cold water at that area..

Since our hands are too itchy to go home, i came
out with another plan, go to spot 'B' and catch
the incoming tide...hahaha... We immediately
stop fishing and go for a quick breakfast before
we proceed for our plan 'B'...

Less than 5mins at spot 'B', Aziz aka 'doctor' got
himself 2 hits but missed.. After changing the
treble hooks to a slightly bigger ones, he finally
landed his first mighty barramundi on lure...
Followed by me, and me again... :)

Although our catches today are pretty small,
it's still a fish.. We had our fun! :)

Here's the pics..

Aziz's first barramundi on lure...

My good old K-TEN...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

M.I.L.F- mummy i love fishing 'Queenie episode'

Went for queenie session this morning with
Apy and Aziz immediately after i end work.....
We meet up @ Al-salam 24hrs around 5.45am
for a quick breakfast... :)

To our surprise, Apy is driving a 23 seater
bus this morning!!! Hahaha the feeling is like
we're gonna go for excursion to malaysia and
we cant stop making fun out of it!!

After our quick breakfast, Apy rushed to park
his 'super transporter' somewhere near my
place and we head straight to our fishing spot
by Aziz's car... :)

Here's the pics..

A quick shot while doing his parking..
Actually this 23 seater bus is used for
his transport from Woodlands to my
place! :)

Aziz on stanby mode, ready to go..

We reach the spot just right on time and
all 3 of us had few hits, but only mine
A good sized queenie on spoon..

Deep down under hooked up! :)

Tried almost 10mins to revive it but can't
make it... That's the sad thing about
queenie...they can't last that long
compared to barramundi when
comes to reviving..

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Invitation trip 'Bait and Lure'..

This morning Gary (Changi Village) and buddies invited
me for light boat fishing @ Changi waters to catch the
incoming tide.. They're actually spinning live prawns
but still invites me to tag along for some luring
actions by my nice of him.. :)

We fished a few spots but live prawns doesn't seems
to work that well... Total of 2 mongrove jacks and
1 small grouper landed by me on soft plastic
and hard bodied lure.. While Gary and Chris
landed even smaller grouper than mine..b4
i took out my camera, they already
unhooked the fishes and throw
them back in the!!

Although we didn't catch much fish, it's
still a fun trip! :)

Here's the pics..

Daybreak, just nice.....

Gary positioned himself at the back of his
boat and starts spinning....

First fish landed by me...
A decent sized MJ with Uncle Kim
standing at the background.. Thanks
to him for netting this fish to the boat! :)

Go Gary Go!
Let's change spot...

This grouper got the whole of my 'Reidy's'
in it's mouth!

Too lazy to take a photo of my 2nd MJ on
the same rubber... :)

Heading back to Changi..... :)