Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Invitation trip 'Bait and Lure'..

This morning Gary (Changi Village) and buddies invited
me for light boat fishing @ Changi waters to catch the
incoming tide.. They're actually spinning live prawns
but still invites me to tag along for some luring
actions by my own...so nice of him.. :)

We fished a few spots but live prawns doesn't seems
to work that well... Total of 2 mongrove jacks and
1 small grouper landed by me on soft plastic
and hard bodied lure.. While Gary and Chris
landed even smaller grouper than mine..b4
i took out my camera, they already
unhooked the fishes and throw
them back in the water..lol!!

Although we didn't catch much fish, it's
still a fun trip! :)

Here's the pics..

Daybreak, just nice.....

Gary positioned himself at the back of his
boat and starts spinning....

First fish landed by me...
A decent sized MJ with Uncle Kim
standing at the background.. Thanks
to him for netting this fish to the boat! :)

Go Gary Go!
Let's change spot...

This grouper got the whole of my 'Reidy's'
in it's mouth!

Too lazy to take a photo of my 2nd MJ on
the same rubber... :)

Heading back to Changi..... :)

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