Thursday, July 22, 2010

greeneye paradise

A nice relaxing island resort getaway......

This is one of my funny eging videos which i dare
to post for you people..hehe Sorry for the poor quality
of this video. :)

The squid was everywhere like one cast one squid
just like the fishes. Seriously i'am not up to taking
much videos.. Here's a super short one! :)

Schools of baitfish at the jetty.

rubbers work very well, 1 cast 1 fish i can say.

Yozuri ultima spoon is best to cast over the reefs

Oh ya, this is what happened to some of my squids

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunset jacks

Today me and Apy decided to fish the sunset at our usual spot for some
barra action. Just when we reached the spot, i saw a big barra leap
out of the water right in front of me! *good sign* So both of us
kept casting and casting....

After 15mins of casting, suddenly i had a strong sharp
take, boom! fish on! I tot it must be the big barra that
i saw just now but i was wrong.. Its a good sized MJ.
10mins later, Apy landed a nice MJ too. Its his
first MJ on lure.. We only landed 2 MJ's
instead of barra..hehehe.. :)

Here's the pics

MJ landed on Duel Aile Magnet 90mm

MJ landed on Sugar Minnow 90mm