Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunset jacks

Today me and Apy decided to fish the sunset at our usual spot for some
barra action. Just when we reached the spot, i saw a big barra leap
out of the water right in front of me! *good sign* So both of us
kept casting and casting....

After 15mins of casting, suddenly i had a strong sharp
take, boom! fish on! I tot it must be the big barra that
i saw just now but i was wrong.. Its a good sized MJ.
10mins later, Apy landed a nice MJ too. Its his
first MJ on lure.. We only landed 2 MJ's
instead of barra..hehehe.. :)

Here's the pics

MJ landed on Duel Aile Magnet 90mm

MJ landed on Sugar Minnow 90mm

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