Sunday, June 27, 2010

Soft Plastic VS Hard Bodied Lure

This morning me and Apy returned to our usual spot
but this time i'am strictly on soft plastic, no hard
bodied lure! :)

When we reached the spot, the tide was so damn nice
for us to start our hunting. Without wasting time, i
rigged up my Keitech 'Swing Impact' which i bought
last week and start casting, while Apy was already
bz casting his Aile Magnet...

On my third cast after the first twitch, i had a strong
sharp take, i paused for 2secs and immediately set
the hook. Fish is on! I'am so happy regardless what
fish it is. As it comes closer, i was even happier to
see that it was a good sized flathead!

No choice Apy got to stop casting and help me
with the photo..hehe.. Apy was like,"how come
so fast you landed oredi, are you cheating?"
hehehe.. I just smiled... :)

Here's the pics
Flattie on Keitech Swing Impact 3.8 inch

After photo and released my dear flattie, 5mins later
i landed an even nicer kim on the same weapon!!!

Apy 'kan chiong' oredi after my second fish and
he started to casts at all directions! hehe.. Maybe
today the fishes here just prefer soft plastics...
Work hard next time bro! :)

Here's the pics

My mission accomplished

Friday, June 25, 2010

The amazing 'cuda'

We fished the outgoing tide hoping for some good action. When
we reached the spot, the tide was just 2hrs on the falling and it
means the predators has just started their recess time! So me
and Apy quietly stand side by side and begin to cast.....

After 15min of casting, Apy got a shocked by something that
hit his lure hard and the leader was cut off in a split second!
Apy got blur and dont know what to do after that! hehehe..

So i told him for that case, usually its a big barracuda and
immediately i change my lure to a more flashy ones, just in case.. :)
On my 2nd cast, BOOMZ! Iam into a fight with a

After landing the fish, I just got a feeling that this might
be the same fish that Apy lost just now.. Amazingly true
enough, there's 2 lures in its mouth!!!! mine and Apy's. :)

We call it off soon after that coz the rain
about to fall... :)

Here's the pics.
Barracuda landed on Zerek 115mm

Almost the same length with my rod..hehe

2 lures inside!!!

The first lure is already at his throat.
Greedy 'cuda'!

Sorry, Apy need his lure back...hehehe..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another nice luring session.

Another luring session with Apy and myself early this morning. A nice
MJ says 'hello' to me first this time! It landed on the same lure again
'Daiwa Dr Minnow'. Hehe i think MJ seems to like this lure a lot..

After releasing my fish, the action stops immediately and the fishes
starts biting again just after the daybreak and i had 4 missed, grrrrr!!!

After landed 4pcs, we called it a day coz the sun is really heating up,
'bue tahan' arrr...hehe

Here's the pics.
MJ landed on Daiwa Dr Minnow 90mm

Apy always told me that he loves grouper a lot and keep
asking me to go catch some, coz he wants to learn
how to work a deep diving minnow. But today, 'No
need deep diver oso can kena grouper!' hehe.. Lucky!

I see a big smile on his face the moment he landed
this grouper! :) Bring home this one..hehe
Grouper landed on Duel Aile Magnet 105mnm
Kim landed on K-Ten 90mm
I have no idea what kinda grouper is this. It looks
similar to a 'tiger grouper' but its yellow and
striking too..
Unknown Grouper landed on Duel Aile Magnet 90mm

My killer is back.

I've been searching for this Maria AK high and low for quite
sometime already. Finally i got it now and it means the fish
is back!!! :)

Maria Angelkiss 115mm

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The back to back respond..

Today our luring session is super on time! hehe.. but i had a shock of my life
while walking towards the spot... Guess what was it? Its a black spitting
cobra about a metre plus dashed right INFRONT of me, OMG!!!

Anyway, when we reached the spot... Apy took out his trusted
'maria chase' which he used to land a kim on the last trip and
started casting with it passionately. I was like gonna laugh
looking at him so focusing on the retrieving as he is new to luring.. :)
hehe AGAIN, 10mins later he shouted KENA! KENA!
Its a nice slightly above 2kg kim at the end of his line
This kim really gave him a hell of a good fight!

20mins later after Apy's kim was released, its my turn to land
my first nice kim of the day.. But the action doesn't stops
there... Apy got himself another nice kim again after that!
Luckily before the full time whistle, iam
rewarded with a nice little mangrove jack.
Total of 4 pcs for the day.. :)
Here's the pics
Kim landed on Maria Chase 105mm
Kim landed on Duel Aile Magnet 90mm

Kim landed on Duel Aile Magnet 105mm

MJ landed on Daiwa Dr Minnow 90mm

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Barramundi kills the itch..

This morning me and Apy went to check out a spot somewhere in 'singapore' to catch the outgoing tide for some barra action. We're suppose to reach the spot at 10 but
we reached at 11 instead coz Apy forgot his wallet and i was like WTF! :)

When we reached the spot, we only have about half an hour to
fish before the lowest tide.. So we quickly start casting
and 10mins later Apy hit his very first barramundi aka kim
on lure that is given by me...hehehe...

After that, its my turn to land another nice kim
and kill my itch!

Here's the pics. Kim landed on Duel Aile Magnet 90mm.

This is Apy and his very first kim on lure. One fish two poses!! :)
So damn excited and happy..
Congrats bro! More fishes on your way...hehe...Kim landed on Maria Chase 105mm.