Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another nice luring session.

Another luring session with Apy and myself early this morning. A nice
MJ says 'hello' to me first this time! It landed on the same lure again
'Daiwa Dr Minnow'. Hehe i think MJ seems to like this lure a lot..

After releasing my fish, the action stops immediately and the fishes
starts biting again just after the daybreak and i had 4 missed, grrrrr!!!

After landed 4pcs, we called it a day coz the sun is really heating up,
'bue tahan' arrr...hehe

Here's the pics.
MJ landed on Daiwa Dr Minnow 90mm

Apy always told me that he loves grouper a lot and keep
asking me to go catch some, coz he wants to learn
how to work a deep diving minnow. But today, 'No
need deep diver oso can kena grouper!' hehe.. Lucky!

I see a big smile on his face the moment he landed
this grouper! :) Bring home this one..hehe
Grouper landed on Duel Aile Magnet 105mnm
Kim landed on K-Ten 90mm
I have no idea what kinda grouper is this. It looks
similar to a 'tiger grouper' but its yellow and
striking too..
Unknown Grouper landed on Duel Aile Magnet 90mm

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  1. champion lah rodmamat.. selamat berpuasa bro