Sunday, June 13, 2010

The back to back respond..

Today our luring session is super on time! hehe.. but i had a shock of my life
while walking towards the spot... Guess what was it? Its a black spitting
cobra about a metre plus dashed right INFRONT of me, OMG!!!

Anyway, when we reached the spot... Apy took out his trusted
'maria chase' which he used to land a kim on the last trip and
started casting with it passionately. I was like gonna laugh
looking at him so focusing on the retrieving as he is new to luring.. :)
hehe AGAIN, 10mins later he shouted KENA! KENA!
Its a nice slightly above 2kg kim at the end of his line
This kim really gave him a hell of a good fight!

20mins later after Apy's kim was released, its my turn to land
my first nice kim of the day.. But the action doesn't stops
there... Apy got himself another nice kim again after that!
Luckily before the full time whistle, iam
rewarded with a nice little mangrove jack.
Total of 4 pcs for the day.. :)
Here's the pics
Kim landed on Maria Chase 105mm
Kim landed on Duel Aile Magnet 90mm

Kim landed on Duel Aile Magnet 105mm

MJ landed on Daiwa Dr Minnow 90mm


  1. Maybe my next will be some grouper operation..

  2. Nice kim......But the it :-)

  3. Haha me too! the way it snatch the lure, better than double cheese burger! bro ibr, link please if any..

  4. I dun have any link bro, I am a lazy bugger who rarely post....also, nothing much....hehehe....In fact bro Alan will be the one who would usually post the catches :-) Keep em rolling in.

  5. Alright then, i shall just keep a.c fishing on track.. :) cheers!

  6. Nice catch there bro esp the MJ..... my last mj was hmmm 3 years back liao lol. Still looking for them hahaha good to see they are still around. At least still see hope.

  7. Hi alan. this is my first MJ also after a very long time. dnt worry, that MJ was released for you to catch it another day.. hehehe.. cheers bro!

  8. Btw bro i linked you on my blog too :) , also if possible would like to fish with you one day kekeke.

    Tight lines

  9. Yeah splendid, good idea! can you imagine, if we both are in action, there might be no mercy for the fishes! hehehehe... will try to find a good time to organize that. :)

  10. if u're lookin 4 d rite direction, ask d person with d rite experience..! and i glad to hav u to guide me..thankz again bro!! looking 4wards 4 our nxt trips. . . apy_chase

  11. Haha no problem bro! Anyway u're a damn fast learner, proud to share my skills and knowledge with you...keep it up.. More fish coming our way, dont worry.. :)