Sunday, June 6, 2010

Barramundi kills the itch..

This morning me and Apy went to check out a spot somewhere in 'singapore' to catch the outgoing tide for some barra action. We're suppose to reach the spot at 10 but
we reached at 11 instead coz Apy forgot his wallet and i was like WTF! :)

When we reached the spot, we only have about half an hour to
fish before the lowest tide.. So we quickly start casting
and 10mins later Apy hit his very first barramundi aka kim
on lure that is given by me...hehehe...

After that, its my turn to land another nice kim
and kill my itch!

Here's the pics. Kim landed on Duel Aile Magnet 90mm.

This is Apy and his very first kim on lure. One fish two poses!! :)
So damn excited and happy..
Congrats bro! More fishes on your way...hehe...Kim landed on Maria Chase 105mm.


  1. thumbs up 4 u bros... nice wild barra! hope to join u guys on th next trip.

  2. hahahahaha...... your hands itchy oredi arrr??? next trip loh...