Thursday, November 18, 2010

NNT Barramundi Ops

Last night we went to try out our newly spot to see
if the barra there will still bite on the neap tide..
Yes they do!! Total number of 3 barra landed by
me and Rudy..

My first barra was landed on deep diving minnow
while i'am doing some knocking on the grouper's
door... :)

Here's the pics

Barra landed on Storm

Barra landed on Bomber Classic

Barra landed on Yozuri Mag Minnow

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Girlfriend's blessings

Yesterday's luring session was awesome. Me, Apy and one
of our newbie gang member Rudy, went for a recce trip in search
for barra infested water.. When we reached the spot 'X',
i landed 3 barra within 15mins.. As the tide is getting lower,
my newbie friend also landed a nice size too as Apy only got
3 hit but zero landed.. hehehe...

Total of 6 hits 4 landed on our new barra spot, not bad!!

Here's the pics

Barra landed on Aile Magnet

Barra landed on Aile Magnet

Barra landed on Classic Bomber

Rudy with his first good size Barra landed
on Aile Magnet.. *That's my Aile Magnet, he
lost it in between those hungry rocks after that! :)