Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lure that did the job..

Big lures catch bigger fish..... Expensive and modern lures catch more fish....
But i still strongly believe in 'old time' favourite lures coz of its deadly swimming actions and its way much cheaper like the Maria XJ First Born, Grossari, Bomber, Yozuri Mag Minnow, Nil Master and hell lot more brands during its time.. These are the lures that really catches fish those days, just need to select the right ones
for the tackle box...

What iam gonna share with you is the lure that i used to land my record barramundi.
Yozuri mag minnow 90mm. Originally it's in sardine colour.. Coz of the lazy
swimming action when slow retrieved and the right depth, i customised it to a
more deadlier colour for luring in a low visibility yellowish cum murky water.
A pure matt milk white body with a bit of fluoro pink at the top of the head
and two slashes on the sides for better contrast and not to spook the 'kim'.

This is one of my best customised colour i've ever made
and landed at least 30 kims ranging frm 2lbs to 9lbs on it including
my massive barramundi.. :)
here's the pic of the lure

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