Friday, June 25, 2010

The amazing 'cuda'

We fished the outgoing tide hoping for some good action. When
we reached the spot, the tide was just 2hrs on the falling and it
means the predators has just started their recess time! So me
and Apy quietly stand side by side and begin to cast.....

After 15min of casting, Apy got a shocked by something that
hit his lure hard and the leader was cut off in a split second!
Apy got blur and dont know what to do after that! hehehe..

So i told him for that case, usually its a big barracuda and
immediately i change my lure to a more flashy ones, just in case.. :)
On my 2nd cast, BOOMZ! Iam into a fight with a

After landing the fish, I just got a feeling that this might
be the same fish that Apy lost just now.. Amazingly true
enough, there's 2 lures in its mouth!!!! mine and Apy's. :)

We call it off soon after that coz the rain
about to fall... :)

Here's the pics.
Barracuda landed on Zerek 115mm

Almost the same length with my rod..hehe

2 lures inside!!!

The first lure is already at his throat.
Greedy 'cuda'!

Sorry, Apy need his lure back...hehehe..


  1. thanx to d greedy cuda..for returning my lure!!! hehehe...

  2. Wow... thats really an amazing pic and lure inside the

  3. lure apy nie bley wat calling ikan...
    mesti 'penganyir' lure nie...
    anyway good catch man =)