Thursday, July 22, 2010

greeneye paradise

A nice relaxing island resort getaway......

This is one of my funny eging videos which i dare
to post for you people..hehe Sorry for the poor quality
of this video. :)

The squid was everywhere like one cast one squid
just like the fishes. Seriously i'am not up to taking
much videos.. Here's a super short one! :)

Schools of baitfish at the jetty.

rubbers work very well, 1 cast 1 fish i can say.

Yozuri ultima spoon is best to cast over the reefs

Oh ya, this is what happened to some of my squids


  1. where is this island?! haha, mind sharing and telling us the price?

  2. Hi, the island is at Panuba Inn Resort, Tioman.. Its a nice quiet place for privacy, relax and activities like snorkeling, diving, fishing trips etc can be done there.. Hotel rates are from RM65 to RM200 per night..

  3. damn happening... nice catch..bro!!!

  4. oh, that's a nice place, thanks!!