Monday, October 18, 2010

MJ tunggal..

17th Oct 2010 me and Apy went to Sungai Kongkong to wet our
lures there and we were welcomed by our new friendly angler
friend Shahril, who lives there..

Had a great time there and definitely will team up
and come back again soon in search of our target

Here's the pics
The first thing to do is to drop by a provision
shop to buy plenty of bottle drinks and some
redbull.. Oh ya, and super glue too for my
broken slipper that morning!! :)

This nice photo was taken at kongkong boat
renting jetty before we load our stuffs
onto the boat..

Plenty of kelong's there..

Just a decent shot of one of the river in

Shahril's knowledge on live baiting technics
is awesome. Now he's picking up on the
art of luring and kept calling me a 'sifu'!
Peace bro! :)

Mangrove creek...just loving it...

Luring in progress.

Only one MJ landed by me at rocky spot xxx on
that trip coz we're still learning more about the
place and their fishes feeding habit.. Will come
back again soon for the return of our target fish.
Cheers! :)

Special thank to our Bro' Shahril for the wonderful trip..


  1. Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress.. Working together is success..!!

  2. rindu la kat korang...rindu gler...kenal sehari tapi for me realy nice to know u guy...anyway...dah dapat lesen bini tapi kena bawa balik barra...jom i have a new spot...confirm sport...heeeeeee