Friday, October 22, 2010

Resident Barra..

Last night i was invited by my colleague to fish at a
restricted zone somewhere in singapore to try my
luck and wet my lure there, after heard too many
stories about that place that makes me itching
the whole body. :) Reached the spot at 12mn and
i started casting soon after that. 15mins later,
boomz! Good hard fight........
Landed myself a nice 14lbs barramundi..
But just when the tide is getting better, i just
lost my concentration to fish coz i'am just too too
tired and damn sad...
Anyway, its a good spot and worth to come back

Here's the pics
And hungry too, try'na chew my own rod! :)

Barra landed on yozuri crystal

1 comment:

  1. salute sifu=)
    i think kk fish blom kenal lure lagi la...
    he he he