Sunday, September 19, 2010

Return of the barra..

Meet up with Apy at 8pm to catch the outgoing tide for some Kim action..

On Apy's first cast, something hitted his lure hard and took some line but
didn't managed to set the treble.. Awesome though, its only his first cast!

So i come close to him and cast to the same direction......
Seconds later, BOOM!!! Got myself a strong take, fish on!
Catfish... No wonder.... zzzzz.... :)

As the tide is moving down slowly, the surface is busy with
crazy baitfishes jumping around.. *must be some Kim frenzy
underneath.. Just the right species we're targeting.. So i
changed to my favourite lure and keep on casting passionately..

On my third cast, BOOM!!! A nice 7lbs Kim..

Here's the pics

Catfish landed on Zerek

Kim landed on Maria Angelkiss

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