Monday, January 25, 2010

hello! luring has been my passion for the past million years. i roamed up and down, high and low and sometimes to 'NO TRESPASSING' places in search of my dream fishes. seriously, fishing in singapore are sucks nowadays. i can see 'NO FISHING' signs almost everywhere i go and thats what i hate the most! i wonder where shall our grandchildren might be fishing in the future since the fishing spots are so limited now. ask them to fish in their own fish tank!!! hahahahahahaha..... these are just some of my photo collections of lure caught fishes that every lure angler would love to catch. 'Mangrove Jack, Trevally, Bream, Queenfish, Grouper, Barracuda, The Great Barramundi' and few other species.......

this is one of my favourite and trusted lure, Maria Angelkiss 90mm, colour customised by myself . i'll never leave home without it..

a nice black bream was caught using seabass college 80mm customised colour.

a fine sized trevally on IMA lure. i only caught a total number of 5pieces on lure, rare! dozens of barramundi ranging from 2lbs to 8lbs. here are some photos of it.

this 14lbs silver beauty was spotted while feeding just 2 METRES from the shoreline. i just need to cast my killer IMA lure at her 2 times and BOOM.. iam into the fight! fast blistering run, superb fish! this one i actually surrendered to my mom for fish head curry.. bon apetite!!!
this nice barramundi is from an island nearby. i burst 4 times that night but thank god i managed to land 2 pieces, 14lbs and 13lbs. :)
this 27lbs barramundi hit my 90mm gold/black Chug Bug while i was doing some slow popping for queenie! successfully landed and released. it maked my day! :)
this 33kg massive barramundi was caught using yozuri mag minnow (customised colour) 90mm!!! 10lbs braid and 2000 sized 'diawa primax' spinning reel. it was estimated about 120yards of madness on the first straight run when she just hit the lure and about 70yards on the second. its all good after that and i just need to crab her way back to me. this mama didnt leap out of the water due to its size but swirl under the surface dozens of times just to make me nervous and break the line, but i didnt! :) actually i was lucky to land this beauty mama coz the spots iam fishing is free from rocks and any other kinds of obstructions. tooked about 20mins to successfully landed and released.

old changi creek photo back in the 70's.. wish i was there fishing!!

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