Monday, January 25, 2010

there's always two types of anglers in the world. one takes fishing as a hobby, the other one takes it as passion. two big difference between these two anglers, you figure out what is it..... :) these are seriously just some tiny bit photos of my catches which are already in my comp, ain't got no time to load all off em' here coz most of it are just too classic old and prefer to rests in my photo albums!

BARRACUDA, the lure destroyer. many fellow angler hate this fish because of its razor sharp teeth which destroy our rigs and lures. but its still a FISH!
this is Mr Dave from 'Lure Haven' posing his teeth! 'look at my teeth mr cuda!!!'

luring has always been my passion. it requires lotsa skills and knowledge to make the targeted fish eat something which is not even real.

rubber works too.. one cast one fish!

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