Monday, September 23, 2013

Light Game Sensation.....

It's been awhile since i left the luring scene and abandon my blog
without any catch reports from my kayak fishing, light jigging,
eging, luring etc... 

Well i'am back now but in a slow pace and should be doing 
 more on ultra light game after meeting back my good old
luring kaki whom i fished with for over 15 years...

~Rodmamat & the 'Uncle'~

Morning frenzy session where almost every cast hits..

Major Craft KG Light 2-6lb
Stella FE1000
Duo pocopoco (s)

*Deep Throated
Duo pocopoco 40mm 4.7g (S)

Combat Stick Temujin Spider 2-6lb
Daiwa Certate 2000
Raphael Zipbaits (S)

Raphael Zipbaits 45mm 4.5g (S)

 Duo ikakko 5.7g (S)
Tetra Works!!!

Indo Pacific Tarpon on self tied green/white fly..

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