Monday, January 10, 2011

High Drag Operation..

Our mission today is to bring our deep diving minnow
to go for a swim to irritate some monsters that lived
down below....

Here's the pics

The rain was kinda heavy when we reached,
chit chatting and leader tying lesson for Mac
in my car while waiting for the right moment
to start our mission...

30mins later after the rain stopped ..............

Check out mac's happy face! *excluding his tooth.. :)

His first grouper on lure..*gd sized.. This fish gave
him a hell of a fight for a first timer...but as long as
the 'master' is next to him guiding, everythin's fine..
Hahahaha... Well done bro!

5mins later, me and my 7lbs good friend! :)

Good hard fight this one...

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